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Alex Toth designed all the wonderful characters from Hanna-Barbera's super hero cartoons. He's a major influence for the look and feel of Capt'n Eli. He's also one of the greatest illustrators that has ever expanded the comic book medium. Learn more about this great American artist--

Jack Kirby's powerful and dynamic work inspires us still today. Check out his work--

Steve Rude is an award-winning illustrator who has done the cover artwork for the forthcoming Capt'n Eli graphic novel. He has a fantastic comic called "The Moth" published by Dark Horse Comics --

Herb Trimpe is a legendary comic book master and published author. He has created some amazing pin ups in the Capt'n Eli gallery as well as for our new graphic novel coming out this fall --

Howard Chaykin is one of the most prolific and influential comic creators of the past few decades. He is an amazing illustrator and writer and one of the coolest people on the planet. He has created a pin up for Capt'n Eli that you'll see in our graphic novel. --

Charlie Parker is the creator of Argon Zark -- the first and still the best original on-line web comic out there. He has been a real friend to Capt'n Eli. --

UK artist Mike Fyles created a fantastic digital illustration of Commander X.Mike specializes in recreating the vintage styles of pulp and paperback illustration for a new age.  For more of his work, check out

Josh Alves is an amazing artist with an amazing array of stories and characters.  Be sure to check out Josh's super-cool Araknid Kid!

Web Comic Links

A really great online comics site that everyone should check out is

The Web Comic List is a site with a selection of literally thousands of web comics from around the world.

D6 Production is a Cartoon Specialist and a leading comic production company. Check out their cartoon drawing tips!

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3-D Links

Some of the 3-D models used in The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli can be found at these links. All models are used under individual licensing agreements.

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