Technology Integration

Technology will be integrated throughout this lesson for a variety of purposes. If the teacher has online access and a projector, the physical and political map of Maine (and a map of your state if other than Maine), can be visible to the whole class and for both warm up activities the elements of mapping can be displayed from the teacher's computer. If a classroom is set up with a small number of computers, students can rotate for the activity and have the computers be specific stations where students use the computer for accessing maps, designing their island etc.

Teachers should make use of online map sites such as the map machine located at National Geographic and Maine GIS. Become familiar with mapping and orienteering when preparing this series of lessons. These sites are perfect for students to zoom in on physical and political maps as they examine Main's features. With a 1:1 laptop program, these sites will provide hands on examination for detailed information.

Teachers should keep in mind that all of the mapping concepts covered in the lesson can be applied and adapted to one's own state map and students will be motivated if their own physical environment is included in the lesson.




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