Explore the Mysteries Beneath the Waves



Your task as an investigative reporter is to help promote a greater understanding of this graphic novel by shedding light on the historical events and scientific phenomenon that influence the lives and actions of the characters. Does the relationship between these historical events and the characters hold meaning for Eli and the other major characters? Do these events and their relationship to the characters hold any meaning for you in the present? Can you see yourself in any of Capt'n Eli's actions, experiences or his relationships to other characters?

Your team will consist of 4 or 5 investigative reporters with specifically assigned tasks that will eventually contribute to the greater understanding of this graphic novel. A successful team is one where everyone pulls his/her weight. So, keep your chin up, assume a positive attitude and nose to the grindstone;) Your efforts will be well rewarded.










Educational Materials authored by Laura Richter

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