Explore the Mysteries Beneath the Waves


The Process and Resources

When you first gather together as a group, choose a team leader and fully discuss the task at hand. Being investigative reporters, you will have the important mission of finding more about the historical references made throughout Eli's adventures. These historical events are key, and hold great meaning for the characters. In order to complete this task, a full understanding of the vocabulary is critical, so we will be defining words and contributing to our "word wall." (Teacher Resource) Each group member will have 3 distinct jobs to complete.

Job #1 - This job includes 3 sub parts:

  • Before, during and after reading the novel you will be filling in your "Knowledge Rating Guide" as a whole class. As you read the graphic novel ,you will also be contributing to the "word wall."
  • Describe the universal themes that arise.
  • Map out the major and minor characters. As you read this graphic novel, you will be paying close attention to the different characters and deciding which ones are major and which are minor and why.

Job #2 - As an investigative historical reporter each member will choose ONE of the following topics to conduct research and share with the whole group.

  • Columbus sails to the Americas in 1492 - historically accurate?
  • The Bermuda Triangle - scientific evidence?
  • World War II- historically accurate?
  • Atlantis and Lemuria/mythical kingdoms - Fact or myth?

Job #3 - Final presentation contribution (for the final presentation, there will be many different roles from which to choose).

The team leader will fill out a form indicating the choices of each group member and pass it in.

Over the course of the unit, there will be three meeting times when the group gathers to discuss vocabulary, the progress of the group, and to make a plan for the final presentation to the class.Meeting 1, Meeting 2, Meeting 3. At each meeting, the team leader will fill out the meeting note forms and pass them in. The teacher will review all of the notes in the team folder at the specific times noted.
The Internet links listed will help with the specific historical event that you choose. Make sure to visit each site and fill in the form when you read and process the information on your historical event. Always keep in mind how the event is connected to the major characters.


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