Explore the Mysteries Beneath the Waves


Preparing for the Final Presentation

Each member of your group has completed research on a different historical event and has evaluated their web sources. Each person has summarized the articles and filled out the research forms.

Now it is time for the entire team to discuss, debate and finally reach a consensus on how the final presentation will be done. You can record the show on recording equipment, or create a podcast in Garage Band. You will be looking at the Acts that you have been assigned and trying to figure out which characters you will highlight and what theme will shine through. Every episode will have the "Historic Background Spot" which will provide information for the listener that will help to explain characters, events and actions. By now you have chosen the role that you would like to play in the final presentation, so the task needs to be clarified so that each person understands what he or she needs to complete.

The performance will be limited to 10 minutes and this includes all 3 Acts.










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