Explore the Mysteries Beneath the Waves



The Undersea Adventures of Cap'n Eli is a graphic novel that follows Eli, a young boy who, as a baby, washed ashore in a mysterious submarine and was raised by an elderly couple on an island off the coast of Maine. Throughout Eli's adventures there are characters and events which influence and help shape Eli's character. The enduring theme of good vs. evil presents itself within the context of historical phenomenon and events. As an investigative reporter, you will need to uncover the meaning of these events so that you can understand why the major characters think and act as they do. A good investigative reporter must assume the role of historian, literary expert, archeologist, and at times, scientist in order to uncover hidden secrets. You may even ask yourself, have humans always had the conflicting nature to be both good and evil and will the unraveling of historical events help explain this contradiction?












Educational Materials authored by Laura Richter

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