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Real World Feedback

You and your teammates have learned a lot by dividing up the task and contributing to the final presentation. Now it's time to put your learning into a letter to be sent out for real world feedback. Compose a letter to the author of The Undersea Adventures of Cap'n Eli that contains opinions, information, and perspectives gained by each member. Here's the process:
1. Your letter should begin with a statement of who you are and what your goal was in completing this project. Let the author know that you want to share your findings and thinking regarding the graphic novel. Ask the author for opinions or suggestions about your inferences concerning themes or characters.
2. Give specific background information showing how you used the researched information from the historical events to more fully understand the characters and themes in the novel.
3. Your letter will be composed by the group and should be at least three paragraphs in length and develop good support for the group's inferences. Make sure to be specific in both the information (where you got your information) and the reasoning (why the information supported your group's inferences).
4. Have each person on the team proofread the message. Use correct letter format and make sure you have correctly addressed the e-mail message. Use the link below to make contact. Send your message and make sure your teacher gets a copy.
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