Day 2: Mini Lesson -Students Research Comic Adventure Hero

Assign each group an adventure comic strip. Each group can use the provided link and search for other sites. In their Keynote presentation, they will include information about the comic, graphics, and date of creation.

Captain Easy
Young, Tarzan
Buck Rogers
Dick Tracy
Flash Gordon
Prince Valiant

Give plenty of time for each group to present their information on the time line and the comic assigned to them. After processing all of the group information, students should have a increased awareness of the history of American newspaper adventure comic strips.

Explain that they will be choosing a political or a social issue that they feel strongly about and will imagine how Capt'n Eli would react to that issue. Brainstorm situations where Capt'n Eli overcame adversity while assisting others in need. This will help them review qualities of Eli as an adventure hero.

Have students list 10 political or social issues and explain why they are important to them. If students have the program Noteshare, they should set up a Notebook for this Art/writing project and include the list of issues in one of the Sections.





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