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A growing selection of images featuring Capt'n Eli and his friends and foes. And don't forget to check out the archives to see how the Capt'n Eli saga began...
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Commander X by Mike Fyles
Sea Ghost Cover King titan and Captain E Sea Ghost - Kirby-style Torpedoman - Kirby-style
Capt'n Eli Captain Nemo Sea Ghost Coral
The Big Three The Golden Age Sea Raider Commander X Movie Promo Prince Triton
The Aquarians The Hydrons Lord Hydro Commander X
& Number One
Commander X
Cover Restoration 1
Commander X
Back Restoration 1
Capt'n Eli
& his Seawings
Commander X
& his Seawings
The Navigator Sea Raider Sea Ghost Mystery Of The Sargasso Sea
original cover

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